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Sexy Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball 
The Sexiest Sport of All

Beach Volleyball – the sexiest sport of all?  How many pant tents and girly gushes were unleashed around Oz when the Australian beach volleyballers started pounding the sand in Beijing?

 This young and unassuming sport, grown from drunken, holiday tomfoolery, has become a marketing juggernaut and a highly sought after watch for Olympic punters. What’s not to love? You’ve got the sand, the sport, the rippling, naked flesh of these taught young champions… what a game!

If Beach Volleyball wasn’t sexy enough, the International Olympic Rules Committee have decreed that the sexy young beach volleyballers from all around the world must be wearing next to nothing at all times! Freaking sweet! The aging gents that make up the Olympic Committee have finally done us all a solid, ensuring we’ll bare witness to beach volleyball’s inner thigh sweat, heaving chests, and joyous physical embraces all throughout the Olympics forever more!

But is it the sexiest sport of all time? Well it’s definitely a contender but the competition is fierce in the sexified sports scene and there are a few traditional favourites that might stop beach volleyball taken the title. The swimming has always been a contender as far as the Aussie voters go. Couple its proud and sexy tradition with the arrival of one, Miss Stephanie Rice (the hottest thing in the water since Jaws blew up) and you’ve got yourself a finalist in the race for the Olympics most arousing sport.

We’ve been getting a bit of mail stirring the pot for the basketball vote, especially America’s dream team. The girls of RedHotPie tell us they have no problem watching the strapping black basketballers that have been tearing every opponent asunder thus far in their quest for Olympic gold!The female shooting has been an alternative favourite; chicks with guns it would seem will always be a perennial favourite polling well with country viewers especially… go figure.

While these favourites have a strong following their attraction spikes in appeal and consistency, some of the competitors are indeed blessed aesthetically and various elements of the sport itself do heighten the overall allure of the competition, but, due to it’s overall appeal beach volleyball must surely be named the sexiest sport of the Olympics by a fair stretch.

From the sinfully toned athletes, to the culture of the game, everything about the sport just cries HOT! So turn down the lights, take the phone off the hook and grab the remote. Enjoy some quiet time with the sexiest athletes of the XXIX Olympiad.

Author: RedHotPie
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