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Jump higher in the sand

The Best Vertical Leap Program

Jump Manual is the newest addition to Sport Dominion! We are very excited to finally make this product available for you. Jump Manual is currently one of the best ranked, but more importantly bestselling vertical jump program out there!

The Jump Manual is a vertical jump program proven to increase your vertical jump on average by 10 inches in 12 weeks. It is written by Jacob Hiller, who started the project in 2004 to personally train athletes. Many students were producing gains quickly, and many students gained more than 20 inches. Jacob realized the need for publishing the manual as local buzz increased about the training and local athletes witnessed the results. 

The Jump Manual has been available online since February 08 and is attracting a significant user base. To date the "double your money back guarantee" has never been requested, and testimonials and thank you emails are received almost daily. The Jump Manual comes as an all in one downloadable software package. It works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and even a MAC.

Jacob Program Includes:
Videos Complete Workout Charts, Nutritional Plan Lifetime Membership Forum Access, Lifetime Free Updates, Weight Room Alternatives, Bonuses Your choice to have Jacob Hiller be your personal one-on-one coach/mentor (This I would highly recommend).

Jacob trains High School, College, Professional and Olympic athletes, after going through the entire program, athletes on average record a 40+ inch vertical jump. If you are hard working individual, determined to reach your vertical jump goal, Than this is definitely the program for you! Don't procrastinate, invest in your body and become a better athlete! 

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