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We are seeking contributions to support initiatives towards the development of beach volleyball in communities around the world. 

Past Projects:
  • Volleyball Gear for Rural Communities
    Provided nets, lines, antennas and volleyball.
  • Grassroots Program
    Provided support to train parents and teachers to setup and organize school competitions.
  • Women in Sports
    Provided visibility to raise issues related to women in sports and beach volleyball.
  • Infrastructure Development
    Provided support to transport and clean tons of beach sand to create safe beach volleyball courts following FIVB requirements. 
  • Training Coaches
    Provided support to improve coaches knowledge and teach skills to developing athletes.
  • Supporting Athletes
    Provided support to competing athletes who needed assistance for transportation and accommodation away from home.

Weekly Contributions
 $10    $50    $100    $500

Monthly Contributions
$10    $50    $100    $500

Yearly Contributions
$100    $500    $1000    $5000

One-time Contribution
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