Volleyball Vacations
Play with the best pro beach volleyball players and coaches in the world
Volleyball Vacations was established in the late 90's by AVP pro beach volleyball champion Albert Hannemann.

It was created because AL-B noticed that every volleyball player he met had the same love for the game if they played professionally or recreationally. That’s when it became a goal of his to offer to these volleyball enthusiasts who love the sport an opportunity to meet, improve their skills, socialize, and even play with the best pro beach volleyball players and coaches in the world. 

People come on these trips mostly from the United States and Canada to share their passion for life and volleyball. Lifetime friendships are established on these vacations and even the pros love seeing their new friends while traveling and competing on the AVP tour across the country.

Have you ever wanted to be coached by the best players in the world while vacationing on a beautiful tropical island? You never know which pros will be there but it is always an all star cast! Ever try to hit a ball around the best blockers in the world Phil Dalhausser and Kerri Walsh then have dinner with them and ask them about their Gold Medals? 

How about having a beer with Casey Jennings and Nick Lucena and ask them about their defensive techniques and how they dig everything. Ask Angela Lewis how fun it is to play on the women’s tour and how she trains to get top 5 finishes? Hit nectar sets from AL-B Hannemann and Canyon Ceman while Paige Davis is helping you correct your hitting approach. Video Jason Ring, Anthony Medel and Matt Olson while they pound balls into the sand then ask them how to improve your vertical jump. These are the opportunities you will have while joining these pros on the upcoming volleyball vacations trips.

We average 1 pro coach for every 5 volleyball vacationers on our trips. It is a ratio that we are very proud of. Come and see what all the hype is about before both trips sell out. The personalized coaching you will receive from these friendly pros does not happen anywhere else on earth. 

Surround yourself with like minded people from all over the world and meet great friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. Play volleyball all day or party with new friends while maybe finding that new special someone. Special things happen all week long. The choice is up to you at volleyball vacations! See you on the beach!

These vacations have grown tremendously as hundreds of people enjoy up to 6 exotic trips every year. It is an opportunity to escape the cold weather and side-out on a tropical beach then share a beer with a pro and watch the sunset. Sound good? That is what Volleyball Vacations are all about…

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