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Workout for Beach Volleyball

Do not hesitate to try beach volleyball workouts to get back in shape, lose some weight and have a lot of fun. Almost everybody wish to lose the extra fat accumulated for years of physical inactivity. Beach volleyball workouts might be the solution for you.

beach volleyball workout

Why Beach Volleyball?

Here's a few reasons why;
  1. Security
    Sand if one of the safest surface available for sport activities. Softer on the joints and articulation, beach volleyball is a non-contact sport where the opponent remain on the other side of the net.

  2. Cost
    No special gear is required else than a volleyball and a net. When you want to upgrade, you may want lines and antennas. Packages are available for less than $500 in the store.

  3. Fun
    Beach volleyball workouts are entertaining since you do both "physical workout" and "play" with friends to keep a ball from touching the sand on your side.
Do not hesitate to try beach volleyball workouts to get back in shape, lose some weight and have a lot of fun.

What's a Typical Beach Volleyball Workout?

Before the workout
  • Get in your sportswear and prepare your gear (water, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Inspect the sand surface and prepare the court (net, lines, antennas, etc.)
  • Inflate/deflate the volleyballs to the appropriate pressure
  • Secure your bags and personal belongings near the court
  • Socialize with your colleagues and training partners
At the beginning of the workout
  • Welcome message from your instructor
  • Listen to the objectives and brief overview of the training
  • Be realistic. Do not get your expectation too high or too low
During the workout
  • Stay focus and be patient when learning new skills
  • Learn by watching others success and mistakes
  • Enjoy every small improvements & achievements
  • Listen to instructor's feedback and concentrate on one priority
  • Keep the ball flying! Think about keeping the drill pattern alive when doing continuous exercises
At the end of the workout
  • Make sure you have all volleyballs and help take down the court
  • Stretch your muscles while your body temperature is warm
  • Listen to instructor's final comments and next workout dates
  • Check your personal belongings (phone, wallet, keys, etc.)
After the workout
  • Re-hydrate yourself and eat a small healthy snack
  • Rince yourself with water to remove sand
  • Clean your sportswear and gear
  • Hydrate your skin