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JF Larose Workout

Getting back in shape is the main objective for this 40+ years old man living in North America. He can play volleyball and beach volleyball at a recreational level with local teams.

Lifestyle Best Practices

By Jean-Patrick Godbout - updated November 2012

JF and I known each other with volleyball for almost 20 years. After recently visiting the doctor to have the latest medical checkup on his aging body, he was again reminded about the extra weight carried over the years with the health related risks. 

While I'm not a doctor, I can only remind JF about about some good old fashion healthy best practices before engaging with him about a beach volleyball exercice program. Here's some of the lifestyle best practices applied to my own lifestyle of 20 years as an athlete.

Basic Lifestyle Best Practices
  • walk more often
  • drink more water
  • stretch more often
  • eat more fruits and vegetable
  • cook your own food
Next Step
You might want to check why choose beach volleyball workout. After getting the OK from the doctor to start a physical exercise program, check the next available workout. Not sure where the beach courts are, check the beach court locator.